A fantastic shirt

Seven years ago, I did something called the “Navy Fitness Challenge” in high school. After we completed the challenge, we would each get grey T-shirts which says “2007 Navy Fitness Challenge” on them. The event’s website would be on the back of the shirts. Me and my other classmates would wear these shirts to gym class whenever we could. I took it a step further. In May of 2007, me and my classmates went on a field trip to the North Shore. We rode on one of the Gateway Clipper Fleet’s boats and we would then tour Heinz Field. Me and one of my other classmates decided to wear our Navy Fitness Challenge shirts on the field trip. I still have the shirt to this day. Some time ago, I cut off the shirt’s sleeves … and I do wear it occasionally.

I will write an interesting blog either tomorrow or Tuesday. Hopefully, I will start blogging regularly sometime after 2015 begins. Until then, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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