2014 was a very good year … for me, anyway!

2014 is ending as quickly as it began. The year just flew by. The year was a very good one for me. I have matured somewhat over the last 12 months. I haven’t matured completely yet, though, but hopefully I’ll be able to become a more mature person in 2015. Anyway, in 2014, I slowly became a better person, I became more polite than ever before, I also started socializing with people whenever I could and I also introduced myself to my friends, my other relatives and some of my neighbors whenever I could. Back in March, I was able to wear my green Brasil jacket along with one of my cousins. In May, I wore light blue jeans and a grey T-shirt outdoors … and one of my neighbors did that briefly as well. In July, I was able to go to my 10-year class reunion with confidence. I sort of became a mature person at that reunion. In August, I started doing this blog. I also got to eat in some new restaurants in and around Pittsburgh this year. Those are just a few of the events that made me feel good in 2014. Hopefully, I’ll be able to experience more exciting things in 2015. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great 2014 … and hopefully you’ll have a great 2015! Also … enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

(I will try to start blogging regularly sometime in January.)


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