My Christmas gifts

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas this year. Mine was very good, of course. I got my presents on both Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day … and they were good ones. I really can’t tell you specifically what they are, but I can tell you that I got mostly clothes for Christmas. I got many new T-shirts for Christmas this year … and I’m actually wearing one of them today. I also got blue jeans from Urban Pipeline … and I got a blue Pitt zip-up hoodie … and I’m wearing it today. I got a 2015 Rand McNally Road Atlas, I got two DVDs and I also got two gift cards from various Pittsburgh area restaurants. I also got Tic-Tacs and a box of Chamomile Tea for Christmas this year. I also got two pairs of black shoes for Christmas … and I got new headphones for Christmas. I can wear my new headphones whenever I watch YouTube videos or listen to music on my computer. I also got an interesting paperweight for Christmas this year. There was one other thing that I got for Christmas this year, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. Well, anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holiday season … and I hope everyone does well in 2015. I will try to start blogging regularly next month.


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