Let’s keep it short, shall we?

As you know, I like to talk to my friends and my relatives whenever I can. I sometimes talk to them in person, but I like to do it electronically. I either text them, send them direct messages on Facebook, talk to them on Twitter, send them messages on LinkedIn or e-mail them. Sometimes, I use more than one way to keep in touch with my relatives and my friends. Whenever I talk to people online, I try to keep each conversation short, if possible. I’ll just say three things to each person … and then I’ll wrap up the conversation with the person for a while. Sometimes, I get carried away and I talk to the person electronically for a few minutes each day. It all depends on who I’m talking to also. So, remember, if you want to communicate with me electronically, please try to keep the conversation short, if you possibly can. Thank you.


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