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Our backyard is now snow-free!



Before I went to work this morning, I took a picture of our two snow-covered mountains. They don’t really look like mountains anymore. In fact, most of our property is now free of snow. After I came home from work this afternoon, I took a picture of our backyard … and in it, you can see our snow-free backyard. I’d like to show you a picture of our snow-free backyard now.


Sadly, we have to say good-bye to our snow-covered mountains, but on a happier note, we get to see our grass again for the first time in many weeks! Spring will officially come to National Hill on Friday!

By pghjoseph

My name's Joseph Pratt from Pittsburgh. The name of my blog is "Joseph Pratt's Interests And Some Other Things." In this blog, I will talk about the things that interest me the most ... and I will also talk about some exciting events that are going on in my life. I will try to blog once a day either four or five times a week. I hope you will like my blog as much as I do!

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