Let’s Talk About A Past Blog Post: Am I a classy person?

I would like to talk about a blog post that I wrote back in April of 2015. It’s called “Am I a classy person?” It was one of my favorite blog posts ever. I asked my blog’s readers if I was a classy person … and I actually gave them a straightforward answer, which was “yes.” What inspired me to write this blog post was actually a couple of things. First, I just assumed that I was, indeed, a “classy” person. I would almost always go with the flow in certain situations. Second, a friend of mine, who used to work with me at T.J. Maxx a few months ago, inspired me to become a “classy” person. I won’t use the person’s full name in my blog, but the person’s first name is Jeff. In a way, he sort of taught me to become a cool and classy person … and I usually use those skills whenever I possibly can. Even now, I’m still a very “classy” person. Let me just say…stay classy, my fellow blog readers!


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