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Joseph’s Flashback: I’m going through a “colorful” parking garage!

I was born at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh back in 1986 … and back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, I would go to my doctor’s appointments at that hospital. It wasn’t actually in the hospital itself, but it was in a medical building which is located right across the street from the hospital. I believe it’s still there today. Well, anyway, we would almost always go to the parking garage, which was also located across the street from the hospital. It was a “colorful” parking garage … and it’s still there today. On each floor of the parking garage, the ceilings would be a certain color. On one floor, the ceiling would be green … and on another floor, it would be blue. Well, anyway, you get the idea. Sadly, I don’t go to Mercy Hospital or its parking garage too much anymore. I do go past those places a few times a year whenever I ride on a bus with my relatives. They are still great places to look at.