I really got my wisdom teeth removed last Friday (Part 1)

In this three-part blog post, I’m gonna talk about my wisdom teeth surgery.

Last Friday, I really got my wisdom teeth removed … and as you might have guessed, I slept through most of this procedure.  First, one of the nurses came in and asked me questions about my health.  Then, second, one of the surgeons came in and talked with me for a little bit and then the surgeon looked inside of my mouth very briefly.  Third, a very funny anesthesiologist came in and talked to me for a little bit.  He then asked me some questions about my health and then he took me into another room … and in that room, the anesthesiologist told me how he was gonna remove my wisdom teeth.  He then put a small needle into my hand … and that didn’t really bother me too much.  Moments later, I fell asleep … and then the oral surgeon removed my wisdom teeth … and then I woke up moments after he finished pulling them out.  I went to the recovery room for a few minutes and I had two gauges in my mouth.  Then, after the nurse gave me the post-operative instructions, I was able to walk out of the building, with some help from the nurse, my mother and my grandmother.  Then, I kept the gauges in my mouth until I got home.  I ended up getting some blood on my shirt.  I spent the rest of the day in my grandparents’ bedroom and I had my stuffed lamb with me the entire time.  I ended up watching CNN during most of that time.  I wasn’t really able to take anything in, except for water, Tylenol and penicillin.  I felt a little bit nauseous at some point during the afternoon and I threw up into a small trash can, which was located next to the bed, but other than that, I felt pretty good after that.  It was not a good day for me, but at least I got through it safely.

Tomorrow, I will talk about the things that I did while I was recovering from my surgery on Saturday.


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