I really got my wisdom teeth removed last Friday (Part 3)

On Sunday, I was slowly beginning to get back to normal.  I took the necessary precautions in order to do just that.  I was slowly beginning to eat some solid foods again, even though I wasn’t able to eat them on that day.  I started to drink coffee and tea again … and I waited until the drinks cooled off a little bit before I started to drink them again.  I was able to start using my computer again for a few hours on Sunday.  I still rested in my grandparents’ room for a little bit on Sunday afternoon, though.  Other than that, I was beginning to feel a little bit better on Sunday.

Then, as the days progressed, I began to add more solid foods to my diet .. and I started to take short walks around my neighborhood again.  I won’t be taking long walks around my neighborhood for a while, but hopefully I’ll be able to do that again sometime soon

I hope you enjoyed this three-part blog as much as I did.  This was one surgery that I will never forget!  I will probably remember it for a long time!


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