Exciting events

Last Saturday, I saw two of my classmates in two different places!

Last Saturday, I bumped into two of my former classmates in two different places.

On Saturday morning, while I was walking around National Hill, I bumped into Jon Gubala, who was helping some of my neighbors move stuff out of their apartment.  I would bump into him again the next afternoon … and at that time, he was helping people move into that same apartment.

Then, on Saturday afternoon, as I was walking out of the T.J. Maxx store in Bridgeville, I bumped into John Tillar, who used to live on National Hill.  He now resides in Chicago, but we try to keep in touch with each other on LinkedIn whenever we possibly can.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll bump into another one of my former classmates sometime in the future.  It could happen at any time.