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Say hello to “Mr. Classy!”

I like this grey Michael Kors jacket a lot … and whenever I wear it, I become “Mr. Classy.”

As you probably know, I really like my grey Michael Kors jacket a lot!  It’s one of my favorite jackets ever!  It makes me feel classy, in my opinion.  So, therefore, I’ve decided to become “Mr. Classy” whenever I wear this jacket.  I won’t use that nickname regularly, but I will use it whenever I wear my grey M.K. jacket.  A friend of mine sort of inspired me to become a classy person … and I have been a classy person ever since.  This friend of mine uses the name “Mr. Grey” … and it sort of inspired me to come up with a similar nickname for myself … and that’s how I came up with the nickname “Mr. Classy.”  As I finish writing today’s blog post, I would like to say, “Stay classy today!”