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I will soon have a consistent blogging schedule!

I have to make a very important announcement today.  Don’t worry … it’s a good announcement.  Beginning next week, I will try to keep a consistent blogging schedule.  I will be writing blog posts four to five times a week.

I’m gonna describe my new blogging schedule in detail for you now.  I will also tell you what I’ll be doing to my blog in the coming year.

I will continue to write blog posts in my “Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday” series every Sunday from now until late April.

Once a week, I will try to use one of my three regular blogging features in a blog post.

I will write two or three other blog posts in a single week.  On some occasions, I may write either a two-part blog post or a three-part blog post.  Otherwise, I will just write a single blog post in a single day.

I may incorporate another feature into my blog sometime soon … and if I decide to do just that, I will start using it later this year.

Also … I will try to make my blog posts easier to read here … and I’ll also incorporate more pictures into my blog posts.  That way, I can describe what I’m talking about in my blog posts in a fun and easy manner.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post … and I hope you have a great weekend!  I hope you will continue to check out my blog in 2016!