Joseph’s Flashback: I have two more old pictures of our house!

Back in June, I introduced three regular features to my blog … and they are “Joseph’s Flashback,” “Let’s Talk About A Past Blog Post” and “Joseph Has A Question For You.”  Over the past few months, I would use those features over the course of three consecutive days in a week, but beginning this month, I will try to use one of my three features in a typical week.

Today, I’m gonna write a blog post, which is part of my “Joseph’s Flashback” series.  In it, I’m gonna show you two more pictures of our house … and they’re from the 1950s.

This is the front part of our house. The entrance to our house was a lot different back then.
This is the back part of our house. It’s appearance is slightly different in this picture, but other than that, it hasn’t changed too much since this picture was taken back in the 1950s.

Our house hasn’t changed too much since these pictures were taken many, many years ago.  In a future blog post, I’m gonna try to show you what our house looks like in 2016!


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