Let’s Talk About A Past Blog Post: Say hello to “Mr. Classy!”

Nearly two weeks ago, I wrote an interesting blog post entitled “Say hello to ‘Mr. Classy!'”

In it, I talked about the moniker that I would use whenever I put on my grey Michael Kors jacket.  That’s sort of how I came up with the name “Mr. Classy.”  I think the jacket makes me look classy, in my opinion.

I was inspired to start using the name “Mr. Classy” occasionally for one or two reasons.

That’s because a friend of mine sort of inspired me to become a classy person regularly.  He sometimes calls himself “Mr. Grey” … and that inspired me to come up with a similar nickname for myself.  In a way, that’s how I decided to give myself a moniker like “Mr. Classy.”  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Here’s a picture of me pretending to be “Mr. Classy” …

I like this grey Michael Kors jacket a lot … and whenever I wear it, I become “Mr. Classy.”

If you’d like to see that blog post again, just click on this link here …
Say hello to “Mr. Classy!”


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