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Where should I go for my 30th birthday?

I’m thinking about going to an exciting restaurant for my 30th birthday this year. This is where you guys come in. Which one of these five Pittsburgh-area restaurants do you think I should go to for my 30th birthday this May?

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Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday: Joseph’s 22nd Year On Earth

On June 6, 2007, I left South Fayette High School as a student for the last time … and just five days later, I started to work at T.J. Maxx in Bridgeville twice a week from 9am until 2pm.  These days, I work there once a week from 10am until 2pm.  I will either work on a Monday or a Friday, depending on my schedule.  Well, anyway, since I started working at that T.J. Maxx store nearly nine years ago, I have made many new friends … and one of those friends is a man named Kevin Barnett.  We worked at that store together in one form or another for four years … and even though we don’t work there together anymore, we are still great friends.  Who knows?  I may bump into him again soon.  I did that back in December of 2013 … and I did it at a Pittsburgh-area Rite Aid store.

(In 2011, we wore our leather jackets to work.)


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Let’s Talk About A Past Blog Post: My new grey Michael Kors jacket

Back in December, I wrote a blog post entitled “My new grey Michael Kors jacket.”  I talked about this jacket in detail and I said that I liked it a lot.  Nothing specific inspired me to write this blog post.  I just liked to write this blog post.  I still like this jacket a lot … and whenever I wear it, I turn into “Mr. Classy.”  It’s still one of my favorite jackets ever.

Here’s a link to the blog post that I talked about in this blog post …
My new grey Michael Kors jacket

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The small clouds are black … and the big clouds are grey!

On February 24, 2016, I saw some big grey clouds and some small black clouds in the sky.

We had some rain on National Hill this morning … and once the rain stopped, the skies began to clear up slowly, but surely.  While the sky was clearing this morning, I saw some interesting-looking clouds in the sky.  The black clouds are small … and the grey clouds were big.  I took a picture of those clouds … and you can find it above this blog post.

After I took the picture, the sun was out … and then the dark clouds came back slowly, but surely … and then, the rain slowly began to return to National Hill.  I’m also pointing to the smaller clouds in that picture.

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My smartphone-free weekend

From Saturday morning until Monday morning, I was unable to use my smartphone.  My smartphone wouldn’t charge up at all during those days.  My black charger was messed up … and that was one of the reasons why my smartphone wasn’t working that day.  The other reason why it wasn’t working this past weekend is that a “prong,” which is located inside of my smartphone, is missing … and I will get a new “prong” for it sometime soon.

Yesterday morning, I got a new white charger … and I’m using it to charge my smartphone.  I have to charge it up in a certain way, though … and hopefully, it will be able to charge up properly for several minutes at a time.  At first, I was unable to do it successfully, but over the past day or so, I’ve gotten better at doing just that.  This charger is strong and fantastic.

Also, I will try to use my smartphone sparingly.  Before that, I would use it almost non-stop all day long.  I was wearing the battery out … and now I will do my best to keep my battery running smoothly for a long time.

I bought my current smartphone back in September of 2014.

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My new Tony Hawk T-shirt

Over the weekend, I received a new Tony Hawk T-shirt.  I like this shirt a lot … and I actually wore it this morning.  Of course, I plan on wearing it many times in the future.  I will also tell my friends and my other relatives to get this shirt as well.

It says “California” on it … and it also says “1980” on it.  Now, the shirt wasn’t made in 1980, but it does say “1980” on it.  The shirt was probably made in 2015.

The shirt has some interesting colors on it.  There are also some stars on it.  There’s a star on each of the shirt’s sleeves as well.

This is my new Tony Hawk T-shirt. I like this shirt a lot … and I will be wearing it many times in the future.
Here’s a close-up shot of my T-shirt.

I hope you like this T-shirt as much as I do.

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Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday: Joseph’s 21st Year On Earth

In January of 2007, the three regular teachers that I usually have while I’m attending their respective classes were all off on that day.  That rarely happened to me during a typical school day.  I had three substitute teachers on a January day back in 2007 … and one of those substitute teachers is someone who would become a friend of mine for years to come.  His name is Justin McKean.  We still keep in touch with each other on various media sites from time to time.  He’s a terrific person and an awesome friend.

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My Claiborne jacket

A few years ago, I bought my Claiborne jacket at T.J. Maxx.  I seldom wear this jacket, but I was able to wear it willingly for a few hours earlier this week.  I sort of like this jacket a lot.

This is my Claiborne jacket. I seldom wear this jacket; however, I sort of like it a lot.
Here’s a close-up shot of my jacket.
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A pleasant conversation with a cashier

Back on February 8, I went to a Dollar Tree store with my grandmother … and as we were paying for our items that morning, I actually said, “Please have a good day” to one of the cashiers.  The cashier then said, “You as well, sir.”  That was probably the highlight of my day.  More people should say things like that to a cashier.  It would make them and the person who says it to the cashier feel good about themselves.  It certainly made me feel good about myself.

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Joseph’s Flashback: Joseph’s “scary” Super Bowl night

Back in 2011, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers were taking on each other in the Super Bowl … and several days earlier, I read a story that says that you could get a heart attack if your team loses the Super Bowl or something like that.  I actually believed it.  That night, the Steelers were losing to the Packers … and I was worried that I would get a heart attack because of that.  Well, luckily, I didn’t get one; however, I kept feeling panicky the entire evening.  I went into another room so that I wouldn’t be able to see or hear the rest of the game.  I had trouble sleeping that night as well.  I did get through the night, though.  It was one of the scariest nights of my life … and I will remember this one for a long time.