Joseph’s Rejected Features

As you know, I have four features on my blog.  Three of them are my regular features … and they are “Joseph’s Flashback,” “Joseph Has A Question For You” and “Let’s Talk About A Past Blog Post.”  My other feature, which is called “Joseph’s Road to His 30th Birthday,” is my semi-regular feature … and I will stop using that feature at some point this Spring.

I’m thinking about adding another regular feature to my blog at some point in the future … and before I even do that, I’d like to tell you about some of my rejected features.  These are the features that I wanted to use in my blog, but, sadly, these are the features that I’ve decided not to use for the time being.

One of my rejected features is “Joseph’s Dream.”  In it, I would tell you about a dream or a nightmare that I had the previous night.  To me, this is a rather strange feature.  I don’t really need to tell you what I’m dreaming about, right?  I didn’t think so.

Another one of my rejected features is “Joseph’s Two Cents.”  In it, I would tell you about something that has been bothering me for some time.  It could have been a news story or something along that line.

There was one more rejected feature … and that would be “What Is Joseph Eating?”  In it, I would tell you about an interesting food item that I like to eat a lot.

Now, in May, I will put my three rejected features to use whenever I write my exciting blog posts for you guys.  Then, in June, I will add another regular feature to my blog.

I hope you liked this exciting blog post as much as I liked writing it.  Enjoy your day!


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