Say hello to Old Man Winter … again!

It seems like Old Man Winter just can’t stay on National Hill for long periods of time this Winter, but maybe this time around, he can stay here for a fairly long period of time.  It’s gonna be cold and snowy this Valentine’s Day weekend, so it looks like Old Man Winter will be here for a while.  Earlier this week, he gave us some more snow, but he didn’t completely cover up our backyard with snow.

On February 9, 2016, Old Man Winter put some snow on the ground in our backyard. At least he didn’t cover it up completely. Some grass is still showing in our backyard … and I’m pointing to two parts of our backyard … and those parts were still showing some grass whenever I was taking this picture.

I also took a picture of our snow-covered stairs.  One of my relatives swept the snow off of the stairs just hours after I took the picture, which can be seen below this part of this blog post.

There was snow on our stairs whenever I took this picture.

As we move towards the Valentines Day weekend, make sure that you bundle up and remain safe whenever you go outdoors.


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