Joseph’s Flashback: Joseph gets shout-outs on the radio

Over the years, I have gotten some interesting shout-outs on various Pittsburgh radio stations.

Several years ago, I talked to a disc jockey who worked at Mix 96.1, which is now 96.1 KISS-FM.  I told the disc jockey that I was Joseph … and I also told him that I was from South Fayette.  I did this at Monroeville Mall, by the way.  I didn’t hear him give me the shout-out, though, but he probably did give me one back then.

Then, in December of 2009, I got a shout-out from former WISH 99.7 disc jockey Dan Dunlap.  He said hello to “Joseph from South Fayette” while I was at The Mall at Robinson one afternoon.  Basically, he was giving me a shout-out at that time.

Then, in January of 2011, I got a more formal shout-out from WQED-FM announcer Ted Sohier.  He did it while the station was celebrating its 38th birthday.  I actually praised him on his work on Twitter … and he thanked me for it on the air.  He said that the tweet was from “Joseph Pratt of South Fayette.”

Hopefully, I’ll get a shout-out from another disc jockey sometime soon.


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