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Where’s the sun?

This was no April Fool’s joke! As I was walking on April 1, 2016, I saw some interesting-looking clouds in the sky. The sun was hiding behind these clouds in a big way back then.

While I was taking my walk last Friday, I saw these interesting-looking clouds in the sky … and also, the sun was hiding behind one of the dark clouds in a big way.  This was no April Fool’s joke.  The sun was really hiding behind one of the dark clouds.  We did have sunshine while I was walking last Friday afternoon, but we almost couldn’t see it at all.  The sun was in the sky … somewhere.

By pghjoseph

My name's Joseph Pratt from Pittsburgh. The name of my blog is "Joseph Pratt's Interests And Some Other Things." In this blog, I will talk about the things that interest me the most ... and I will also talk about some exciting events that are going on in my life. I will try to blog once a day either four or five times a week. I hope you will like my blog as much as I do!

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