Joseph’s Flashback: Joseph remembers some of his past birthdays

In just about 2 1/2 weeks or so, I will be turning 30 … and since 1986, I have celebrated my birthdays in some pretty interesting ways.  I have also changed the ways that I celebrate my birthdays as well.  Some of my birthdays were good … and some of them were not so good.

When I celebrate one of my birthdays back in the ’90s, I screamed “Quiet!” at my relatives several times.  There were just too many things that were going on around me at that time.  I was wearing a blue sweatsuit at that time.  Thank goodness I don’t celebrate my birthdays like that anymore.

Then, in 2002, I celebrated my 16th birthday with my relatives and I also had fun celebrating that birthday in a big way.

Then, just two years ago, I celebrated my birthday at one of the cabins, which is located at Moraine State Park.

How will I celebrate my 30th birthday on May 1st?  Hopefully, I’ll be able to celebrate it in a big way!


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