The two sides of “Mr. Classy”

Did you know that there are two sides of “Mr. Classy?” On the left side, there’s the casual side of him … and on the right side, of course, there’s the “classy” side of him.

Several days ago, I purchased a back-up Michael Kors jacket for myself at T.J. Maxx.  This way, if I ruin one jacket, I could wear the other jacket with ease.

I wanted to have a little bit of fun with this.  Did you know that “Mr. Classy” has two sides?  He has a casual side … and, of course, he has a “classy” side.  When he shows his casual side, he wears the back-up jacket … and when he shows his “classy” side, he wears his regular jacket.

No matter which side of “Mr. Classy” you like the best, you can be sure that “Mr. Classy” will always be casual and/or classy, no matter what he does.


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