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There’s a snake in our yard!

On April 24, 2016, I saw a garden snake on our front lawn. It was near one of our stair cases. Snakes make me very uncomfortable! I have seen garden snakes on our lawn several times in recent years!

Over the years, I have seen some rather interesting things in our yard.  Sometimes, I would see a deer or two go through our backyard … and sometimes, I would see turkeys going through our property.

It’s almost nothing compared to what I saw in our front lawn back on April 24, 2016.  As I was walking down my stairs that day, I saw a snake go through our front lawn.  This wasn’t the first time that I saw a little snake going through our lawn.  I’ve seen garden snakes go through our lawn several times in recent years.

As you knows, snakes almost always give me the willies.  This one certainly gave me the willies.  Luckily, I didn’t approach the snake.

Again, you never know what you will find in your yard!