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Joseph Has A Question For You: Which side of “Mr. Classy” do you like the best?

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “The Two Sides Of Mr. Classy.”  In it, I said that Mr. Classy, my “alter ego,” has both a casual side and, of course, a classy side.

I then showed you two pictures of me wearing my grey M.K. jackets.  The casual side of “Mr. Classy” wore the back-up jacket … and the classy side of “Mr.Classy” wore the regular jacket.

So, here’s my question … which side of “Mr. Classy” do you like the best?

Did you know that there are two sides of “Mr. Classy?” On the left side, there’s the casual side of him … and on the right side, of course, there’s the “classy” side of him.

If you would like to see my blog post, “The Two Sides Of Mr. Classy,” again, please click on this link here …
The Two Sides Of Mr. Classy