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My 30th birthday gifts

These are the gifts that I got for my 30th birthday, which took place earlier this month. I have used some of these gifts that can be found in these pictures.

These are the gifts that I got for my 30th birthday this month.  I have various things here.  I have mostly clothes here … and I also have products that I use whenever I’m in the restroom or the shower.  I also have a new tall cup.  I have also talked about some of these items in some of my previous blog posts as well.  I will give you the links to them as well.

You can also see some of the items that I got for my birthday by clicking on one of the blog posts that are featured here …

My V-neck shirt
My new “Elite” shorts
My new outfit from Tony Hawk
My new loafers and my new light blue polo shirt
My new Pirates shorts
My two new red shirts

I hope you like these items as much as I do.