Joseph’s Possible Features

Last summer, I added three regular features to my blog and they are … “Joseph’s Flashback,” “Let’s Talk About A Past Blog Post” and “Joseph Has A Question For You.” Then, from early October 2015 until late April 2016, in honor of my 30th birthday, I added a semi-regular feature to my blog … and it was entitled “Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday.”

Now, this summer, I will add another regular feature to my blog. This decision is gonna be a hard one for me to make, so I need your help in a big way. I’m gonna ask you a question today.

While you’re trying to make a decision, let me describe my three possible features to you in detail.

In a feature called “Joseph’s Review,” I talk about one item that I own … and I basically review the item in question. Then I would tell you whether the item in question is either good or bad. That’s fairly easy, right?

In a feature called “Joseph’s Outtakes,” I talk about a mistake that I made whenever I was taking a picture of making a video. I try to be perfect whenever I do one or both of those things, but sometimes, mistakes can be made. Of course, some mistakes can be fixed and others can’t be fixed.

In a feature called “Joseph’s Moments Of Peace,” I show you a peaceful image of something that I think is interesting to look at.

I hope you like these possible features as much as I do. I will give you guys my decision in a few weeks. Enjoy your day!


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