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How I got Lyme disease

This past week, I faced one of the most serious health issues of my life.  It actually started a few days ago while I was on my vacation.

I was staying at my “undisclosed location” … and a tick may have bitten me in my right leg.  Luckily, it didn’t stay there.  I actually didn’t feel sick for a while.  Then, whenever I returned from my “undisclosed location,” I was still feeling fine.

Then, on either Saturday night or Sunday morning, it happened.  I began to develop flu-like symptoms.  I had joint aches, muscle aches, fatigue and chills.  I was too weak to do pretty much anything on that day.  I felt pretty woozy all day long.

Then, the next day, I started to cough a little bit and my nose started to run a little bit.  My muscle aches were gone by then.  I still felt a little bit weak then, but I was still able to go to work on that day.

Then, later that evening, I had a Charley horse in my right leg … and me and my grandparents saw a little bruise on my right leg.  It looked like a bruise or something at first, but I saw a bump with a little “bulls-eye” in it.  Little did I know, I was beginning to show signs of early Lyme disease.  That night, we went to the emergency room … and then, about 90 minutes after we got to the E.R., one of the nurses, who was there, said that I had the symptoms of early Lyme disease.  Luckily, it was found early … and I started to get treated for it the very next day.

I had no idea that I would ever contract Lyme disease just by getting a simple tick bite, but I did contract it.  As of this blog post, I’m beginning to feel a lot better.  My symptoms are beginning to go away, slowly, but surely.  I’m doing my best to protect myself from getting more tick bites, I’m taking my antibiotics twice a day and I trying to protect myself while I’m taking my walks in the sun.