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Joseph’s Recovery From Lyme Disease (Part 1)

Several days ago, I told you how I ended up getting Lyme disease.  Now, in this three-part blog post, I will tell you exactly how I recovered from it completely.

It actually started three weeks ago when I got a Charley horse in my right leg.  Ironically, the rash that gave me Lyme disease in the first place was in the same leg as my Charley horse.  Again, you could say that the “Charley horse” saved my life.  We saw a huge bruise on my leg … and when we looked at it again in the light, we saw that there was a bull’s eye rash on my right leg.  When I first discovered it earlier that afternoon, I noticed that it was very dark back then.  I had already been sick for several hours whenever I discovered that rash.  I know I was sick that day, but I didn’t know that I was very sick.  I had a rash on my leg and flu-like symptoms at the time.  I didn’t know how those two things went together.  Little did I know that I just a few short hours, I would get a Lyme disease diagnosis while I was at St. Clair Hospital.

I then went to the emergency room at St. Clair Hospital at around 8:15 that night.  The Penguins game was on … and luckily they were winning while I was there.  They would end up winning the game later that night.  After the nurse who treated me at the emergency room at St. Clair Hospital diagnosed me with Lyme disease, the nurse gave me an antibiotic medication.  Before I went home that night, a nurse, who was working there, gave me one of the pills to take.  It didn’t go down smoothly, though.  That’s because I can’t swallow whole pills.  I asked them if the medication that I was given was available in a liquid form … and they said “yes.”  I was relieved to learn that it was available in a liquid form.  I would like to thank the people who treated me at St. Clair Hospital’s emergency room that night.  They indeed saved my life that night.  I was there for over 2 hours … and after I left the emergency room, I began my “road to recovery” … from Lyme disease.

The next morning, I was waiting to get the liquid medication in question, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it.  The doctor that I went to later that morning put me on another medication to treat my Lyme disease … and sadly, it was only available as a pill.  Luckily, though, I was allowed to crush my pill and put it in my yogurt.  I would like to thank the doctor that allowed me to crush my pills while I was on the medication.  Later that afternoon, I took my first pill and I put it inside of the yogurt … and it went down easily.  I almost couldn’t taste the pill.  I took the first pill at around 12:30 and I took the second pill at around 8:30.

Tomorrow, I will tell you how I was able to stop myself from getting Lyme disease again while I was taking my pills.