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Joseph’s Recovery From Lyme Disease (Part 3)

On June 19th, at around 7:30 in the evening, I took my medication for the last time.  I crushed the pill as I usually did, but instead of putting it inside of my yogurt, I put it inside of my soy milk.  After that, I was able to say that I was finally finished taking my medication.  Since then, I’ve done everything I could to stop myself from getting tick bites again.  I wear long pants and sometimes a long-sleeved shirt whenever I go outdoors … and I’m trying to stay out of the grass as much as possible because there may be ticks in there.

While I was taking the medication, I was able to tuck my pants into my socks and I was able to wear my long-sleeved Dallas Cowboys shirt back then.  Also, I stayed safe while I was walking in the sun because I was worried that I would get sunburned while I was on my medication.  Now, I don’t think I have to worry about that too much anymore.

Whenever I decide to walk into the grass again, I will use the OFF Wipes that I have in my home.  This way, I can try to stop myself from getting tick bites and Lyme disease again.

I also promised myself that I would never go to my “undisclosed location” in one of our state parks again.  That was where I got my tick bite in the first place.  Now, one of my neighbors went camping recently … and I also told this person to stay safe while he was going outdoors … and I gave him tips on how to avoid getting tick bites while camping out at the campsite.  The neighbor actually followed my tips well.

Now, I can honestly say that most of my Lyme disease symptoms are now gone.  There’s still a very still red bump on my right leg, but other than that, the rash that went with it is now gone … hopefully for good.