Joseph Will Be Busy This July!

Before I get the chance to celebrate my blog’s 2nd anniversary in August, I would like to tell you about the things that I’ll be talking about on my blog in July.

July is going to be a very busy month for me, to say the least.

As you know., I will add a new regular feature to my blog at some point in July.  It will be called “Joseph’s Moment Of Peace.”  In those blog posts, I will tell you about a peaceful image and I will tell you why the image is peaceful to me.  I will use my blog’s three other features as well throughout that month.

Also, I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary on Facebook in July.  I will be writing a blog post about that special event later in July.  I plan on celebrating that milestone in a big way in July.

Also, I have owned my HP computer for one year now.  I will talk about that big event in a blog post in July.

Also, at some point in July, I will write my 450th blog post.  I’m not planning on talking about anything big in that blog post.  I’m saving it for my 500th blog post.

Those are the things that I will be talking about on my blog in July.  Enjoy your day!


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