Meet Mr. Classy’s Stand-In (Part 1)

Now, back in January, I started calling myself “Mr. Classy” on a semi-regular basis … and I vowed that I would only call myself that whenever I would wear my grey Michael Kors jacket.  I had purchased the jacket about two months earlier … and after owning the jacket for several weeks, I wanted to take advantage of owning the jacket … and that’s sort of how I came up with the idea of calling myself “Mr. Classy” while getting the chance to wear that jacket.

Well, several days ago, one of my friends purchased that same jacket online … and this person sometimes wears the jacket with class … and after this person got the jacket, I turned this person into Mr. Classy’s “stand-in” … and in this two-part blog post, you’re going to meet his “stand-in.”

Now, of course, Mr. Classy can’t be everywhere all of the time, so he has hired someone to become his “stand-in” … and his “stand-in” would step up to the plate whenever “Mr. Classy” himself is unable to fulfill his duties willingly.  Like “Mr. Classy” himself, he’s always doing his best to be a classy person.

Mr. Classy now has a stand-in. Mr. Classy and his “stand-in” are both wearing their grey MK jackets with class.
Mr. Classy and his “stand-in” are showing off the letters “MK,” which are on the jacket’s left sleeves.

Now, tomorrow, in the second-part of this blog post, I’m going to show you Mr. Classy and his “stand-in,” who are both trying to be casual while wearing the grey M.K. jackets.

Now, before I end this blog post, I would like to use the closing spiel that I use whenever I become “Mr. Classy” in my videos.

“Mr. Classy says, ‘See you all later!'”


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