Five “cloudy” pictures, for your consideration

Yesterday afternoon, while I was taking my walk, I took five more pictures of some clouds.  The clouds were white, dark and grey, of course … and at times, those clouds would try to overlap each other.

In this blog post, I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a lot of grey clouds in the sky … and they were overlapping the white clouds in this picture.
In this picture, I see some regular grey clouds and some white clouds in the sky. I’m pointing to some of those clouds in this picture.
I saw some rather interesting-looking clouds in the sky while I was standing on our railroad bridge. The clouds, which are in the middle of the picture, are dark grey. Otherwise, the clouds were either white or just plain grey.
These clouds were located in the skies above Cuddy late yesterday afternoon. The clouds are mainly white, but the clouds, which are at the top of the picture, are grey.
The clouds are mostly white … and they were located above Route 50 near National Hill late yesterday afternoon.

As you can see here, the clouds that I saw during my walk yesterday afternoon were very interesting.


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