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Joseph Will Be Busy This December!

December will be a busy month for my blog … and, as a result, I will be giving my blog’s four features another break this month.

At some point this month, I will write my 550th blog post.  Of course, it’s not every day that you hear a person say that he or she will write their 550th blog post down, but, of course, I’ll be doing just that later this month.

Also, later this month, I will be giving someone a shout-out in one of my blog posts.  It could be anyone.  Of course, I’m not gonna tell you who it will be just yet.  You’ll have to wait a while before I tell you who it is.

I will also write a blog post entitled “‘Grandmaster Joseph’ is in the house!”  Well, “Grandmaster Joseph” is like “Mr. Classy” a little bit … and he will make a one-time appearance in a blog post this month.

Also, it has been six months since I got Lyme disease … and I will talk about that event in a blog post this month.  It seems like I first got it yesterday … and I’ve been doing well since then.

Also, this month, I will talk about my best blog posts of the past year in a two-part blog post.

I will tell you about my Christmas presents in a blog post also.

As you can see, my blog will have some big blog posts this month.  Enjoy your day, my friends!