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Joseph’s Top Blog Posts Of 2016 (Part 2)

Today, I’d like to wrap up this two-part blog post by showing you two more blog posts that I’d like to call my other two top blog posts from the past year.  These two blog posts were seen by various people 10 times this year.

First, we have a blog post that’s part of the “Joseph Has A Question For You” series … and the questions that I asked you in it was this … “What should I do with my bulletin board?”  I wrote it back in January.

Second, we have a blog post that’s part of the now-retired “Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday” series … and, in it, I was talking about my 15th year on Earth.  I also wrote it in January.

If you’d like to see those two blog posts again, click on the links here …
Joseph Has A Question For You: What should I do with my bulletin board?
Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday: Joseph’s 15th Year On Earth

I wrote some great blog posts this past year.  Hopefully, I can write some more great blog posts in 2017.

Enjoy your day, my friends!