What will Joseph talk about in January?

January will be a very interesting month for my blog.

I will be using my features in four of my blog posts in January.

I was gonna write a blog post entitled “I won’t be writing blog posts forever!” for you guys in January, but I was thinking about my blog’s future … and I’ve decided that I will not be retiring my blog this Spring after all.  I will be able to celebrate my blog’s third anniversary in August of this year.  I will come up with a back-up blog post at some point in January.

I will write a blog post entitled “Celebrating 10 years of friendship” in January.  I will talk about a person who has been a friend of mine for 10 years in that blog post.

One year ago, I started calling myself “Mr. Classy” whenever I would wear my grey Michael Kors jacket.  The blog post will be called “The best of ‘Mr. Classy.'”  I will continue to call myself that whenever I wear my grey M.K. jackets in 2017.

I will write my 575th blog post in January.

I will be writing some important blog posts in January.  I hope you’ll like them.  Enjoy your day!

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