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Joseph’s Big Blog Posts For March 2017

March is going to be a great month for my blog.  I will also be bringing my features back to my blog in March.

At some point in March, I will write my 600th blog post.  In it, I will talk about my new mattress … and I will also tell you why I like it so much.

I have a great map of Bridgeville from 1991, which is in my bedroom … and I will be using two of my blog’s features to talk about that map.  First, in the “Joseph’s Flashback” series, I will talk about the map itself, which I was able to see inside of Taco Bell a few years ago.  I will also tell you why that prompted me to buy myself that same map at the Bridgeville Chamber Of Commerce several days later.  In the “Joseph’s Moment Of Peace” series, I will talk about the map itself … and I’ll tell you why it’s so relaxing.

In the “Joseph Has A Question For You” series, I’m gonna ask you guys about my mattress.  I will ask you guys if you like my mattress or not.

In the “Let’s Talk About A Past Blog Post” series, I will talk about a blog post that I wrote down two years ago, which is entitled “An unexpected gift.”  It’s about a great shirt that a relative gave me two years ago.

I will also talk about some great things in my blog posts in March.

Enjoy your day, my friends!