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My map of Bridgeville

This month, I will be writing three blog posts about a map that I have at home … and the map that I have at home is a map of Bridgeville … and it’s from 1991.  I will be writing one about that map today … and I’ll be talking about it in two of my blog’s features this month.  Those blog posts should be good ones, to say the least.

I actually purchased this map at the Bridgeville Chamber Of Commerce a few years ago after I visited Taco Bell, which is located near the Chamber Of Commerce.  As I was walking through the doors of the restaurant, I noticed that they had that map near those doors … and it sort of prompted me to buy my own map at the Chamber Of Commerce.  I have the map in my bedroom.

This is my map of Bridgeville. I purchased it at the Chamber Of Commerce several years ago after I was able to see one at Taco Bell.

Tomorrow, I will write my 600th blog post on my blog.