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Joseph’s 600th Blog Post

My blog reached a very interesting milestone today.  Today, I’m gonna write my 600th blog post on my blog … and, today, I’m gonna talk about my brand-new mattress.  I have talked about it in some of my blog posts in recent days, but since I’m writing my 600th blog post, I’d like to talk about it in detail.

I have owned my new mattress for several days now … and I really like it a lot.  My new mattress is a spring mattress … and it’s actually a very comfortable mattress.  You almost can’t feel the springs that are inside of the mattress.  I plan on using it many times in the future.  I hope you guys like the mattress as much as I do.

I just wanted to celebrate my blog’s latest milestone by talking about my new mattress in detail.

Here’s my new mattress. It’s a spring mattress … and I really like it a lot.
On March 7, 2017, I wrote my 600th blog post on my blog!