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“Mr. Classy” is on the road!

For over a year now, “Mr. Classy” has appeared in various places, including my “computer room,” my living room, my dining room and my bedroom.  He sometimes takes some walks around National Hill … and, back in September, he was at Bee’z in South Fayette.

Now, this morning, “Mr. Classy” was at an “undisclosed location.”  He was supposed to be at an “undisclosed location” on February 24th, but, because it was very warm outside, “Mr. Classy” was not able to visit his “undisclosed location.”  Instead, he did it this morning, since it wasn’t too warm outside.  I cannot tell you exactly where “Mr. Classy” was this morning, but I can give you a hint.  He was at a very nice place.  I will tell you where he was in a future blog post.

On March 8, 2017, “Mr. Classy” visited an “undisclosed location.” He was supposed to do that on February 24th, but since it was very warm outside back then, he was unable to do so.
On March 8, 2017, “Mr. Classy” went to an “undisclosed location.”  At least it was a nice day for him to do just that.