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My semi-chaotic day at work

Over the past several weeks, people have been remodeling my T.J. Maxx store, which is located in Bridgeville.  It has been a T.J. Maxx store for almost 36 years now … and, now, they’re putting a HomeGoods store inside of the T.J. Maxx store.  I’m excited about it … and I’m also nervous about it.  They’re changing almost everything around in the store.  Today, I’d like to tell you about a semi-chaotic day that I recently had at my workplace.

This past Friday, I went to work like I always did … and me and several of the people who work with me in the back room had to work upstairs because some people were fixing things up downstairs.  There were also several new workers there as well.  It was a fairly chaotic morning for me.  I almost didn’t have anything to do upstairs at that time, but luckily, I was able to find something to do just minutes after I went into the back room.  Things did get better as the day went by, though.

I was able to clean some things out on the sales floor on Friday afternoon.  The afternoon was a relaxing one for me, in a way.

So, as you might have guessed here, I had a semi-chaotic day at work this past Friday.  I’m starting to accept the changes that they’re making to the store that I have been working at for nearly 10 years now.  I like it there a lot.

By pghjoseph

My name's Joseph Pratt from Pittsburgh. The name of my blog is "Joseph Pratt's Interests And Some Other Things." In this blog, I will talk about the things that interest me the most ... and I will also talk about some exciting events that are going on in my life. I will try to blog once a day either four or five times a week. I hope you will like my blog as much as I do!

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