I’m getting used to the changes that are being made at my workplace!

Last Friday, I had a semi-chaotic workday at my workplace.  That was because they were making a lot of changes to my workplace.  Earlier this week, I told you that they were putting a HomeGoods store inside of my T.J. Maxx store.  It had actually been a T.J. Maxx store for almost 36 years.  Beginning in just a few days or so, I will be working in what is called a “combo store.”

Now, today, I went to work … and my workday wasn’t as chaotic as it was last Friday.  They are now putting the finishing touches on our new HomeGoods store.  Some of the people who used to work with me at T.J. Maxx will now be working at HomeGoods.  Yes, we’ll all be in the same building, of course.  We’ll just be doing different things, that’s all.

Again, it’s gonna take a while to get used to the changes that they’re making at my workplace, but over time, I’ll be able to get used to them.  After all, I’ve been working at my store for almost 10 years now.  We’ll see what happens, of course.


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