Joseph’s Flashback: I didn’t always go to one of South Fayette’s school buildings!

I have been a resident of South Fayette since I was a baby back in the Spring of 1986.  I was a student in the South Fayette School District for a long time; however, I did not always go to one of their school buildings.  I would start to go to these schools whenever I was in the second grade … and that was back in the fall of 1993.

Before I went to South Fayette’s school buildings as a student, I went to two different schools, which were located in other school districts near Pittsburgh.

First, I went to a school, which is located on Banksville Road in Banksville.  I really liked that school a lot.

Then, I went to Jefferson Elementary School, which is located in Mt. Lebanon.  I really liked it there.  In fact, while I was there back in April of 1992, I was able to appear in two photos, which were in “The Pittsburgh Press” back then.  How exciting was that?

I really liked being in some great school buildings back then … and I also liked being in South Fayette’s school buildings also.

Enjoy your day!


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