Joseph’s Moment Of Peace: My computer room’s chair

Today, I’d like to talk about an item that I use almost every day … and I’m actually using it right now as I type this blog post for you guys.  That item would be my computer room’s chair.

I spend about half of my typical day in my “computer room” … and I see this chair for about 7-8 hours in a typical day.  I really like the chair a lot … and it’s also made out of leather.  It’s also a fairly comfortable chair.

It relaxes me a lot because I’m able to sit in a comfortable chair whenever I use my computer or whenever I watch the TV set that’s in my “computer room.”

I also have some things on it.  I have a scarf, a Dallas Cowboys blanket and my Pirates coat on my computer room’s chair.

This is the chair that Joseph uses whenever he’s in the “computer room.”

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