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Remembering Joseph’s Battle With Lyme Disease One Year Later

One year ago today, one of the nurses, who was working in the Emergency Room at St. Clair Hospital, said that I had Lyme disease.  I had a rash on my leg and I also had flu-like symptoms for a couple of days before I got that diagnosis.  The rash resembled a bulls-eye also.  I had gotten bit by a tick while I was at my “undisclosed location” several days earlier.  I’ve been doing well since then … and I’m trying to stop myself from getting Lyme Disease again.  I have a homemade tick repellent, which is made out of peppermint oil, and I will be using it many times this tick season.

Today, I’m gonna let you see my experiences with Lyme disease again.  I wrote some blog posts about it last year.

How I got Lyme disease (June 10, 2016)
I’m no longer in the “Lyme” light (June 26, 2016)
Joseph’s Recovery From Lyme Disease (Part 1)
Joseph’s Recovery From Lyme Disease (Part 2)
Joseph’s Recovery From Lyme Disease (Part 3)

I wrote my three-part blog post, which is entitled “Joseph’s Recovery From Lyme Disease,” back in late June of 2016.