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My 666th Blog Post Is About The Number Six

Today, I’m writing my 666th blog post on my blog.  This isn’t a very important milestone here, but, to me, it could be a rather important milestone here.  The theme of this blog post is the number six.

Six is my favorite number ever.
I live at house number 46.
I was born in the year 1986.
I have also read about a time where the PA Lottery drew three sixes in one of their games back in the 1980s.
Our phone number once ended with the number 6.  We actually changed it several years ago.
I have now written 666 blog posts on my blog.  Ironically, I wrote it on the sixth month of the year, which is June.

Did you notice the theme of today’s blog post?  Well, obviously, since I wrote my 666th blog post, the theme of this blog post is the number “six.”  I actually gave you six facts about the number six that have a huge impact on my life.