Joseph’s Top Blog Posts For August 2017

Can you believe it?  August is almost here … and, in just a few days, my blog will be turning three years old!  I will be celebrating my blog’s third anniversary on August 24th … and I will be giving my features a break during the month of August.  In some of my blog posts this August, I will be giving you some interesting statistics about my blog’s three-year history … and some of those statistics may surprise you.

I may also celebrate another milestones on my blog in August.  My blog might hit the 3000-views mark in August … and I will write a blog post about the event as soon as it occurs.

I will definitely celebrate another big milestone in August.  At some point during that month, I will write my 700th blog post on my blog.  I don’t know what it will be about yet.

On August 24th, I will write a blog post, which will be entitled “My Blog Is Three Years Old Today!”  I will be thanking you guys for supporting my blog for three years.

Again, I hope you guys will be able to check out my blog posts in August as my blog prepares to turn three years old.  Enjoy your day!


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