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Joseph’s 750th Blog Post

On October 29, 2017, I wrote my 750th blog post on my blog.

Today, I have reached another important milestone on my blog.

I’m writing my 750th blog post on my blog today.  My 750th blog post will be about an interesting person … and the person’s name is Zach Teagarden.

Zach is one of the classiest people that I have ever known.  I may have seen him on Halloween night many times in the past; however, I haven’t really known him personally until March.

I was able to introduce myself to Zach back in March.  My uncle, Victor Papakie, had passed away a few days earlier at the age of 71 … and we were able to pay our respects to him that evening.  Anyway, Zach and I became friends at that time … and, since then, we have been able to keep in touch in various ways.  He is a terrific person … and a classy friend.  Hopefully, we can bump into each other soon.

Stay classy, Zach!