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Joseph’s Top Blog Posts About Christmas

Well, can you believe it?  Christmas is only five days away … and, earlier today, we FINALLY put up our Christmas tree, which is in our living room.  I’m not gonna show you our tree, but I am gonna tell you about two of my top blog posts, which are about Christmas.  Later this week, I’m actually gonna tell you about the top blog posts from 2017, but, today, I wanted to show you the two top blog posts, which are about Christmas.

My Christmas gifts (December 26, 2014)
Joseph’s Christmas Gifts For 2016 (December 26, 2016)

I hope you all enjoy Christmas with your family members and your friends this weekend.  I know I’ll be doing that also.  Again, later this week, I will tell you about the year’s top blog posts.  Some of them may fascinate you a little bit.