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Are my videos getting longer?

Over the years, the amount of time that I had spent making my videos on my social media sites has gotten longer.  A few years ago, I would make them for about 15 seconds or so.  Then I would make them for about 30-45 seconds … and now, I make them for about 60 seconds or so.  In the past, I would make “vlogs” … and they would be about two or three minutes long.  It would depend on what I was talking about in them, of course.  Whenever I use Facebook Live, my videos may last for as long as 15 minutes, in some cases.

Well, early this morning, I tried something a little bit different.  We had a Winter storm in my neighborhood today … and I wanted to do a little experiment of sorts.  I made a 90-second video … and I posted it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  I had been thinking about doing something like this since the year began … and, today, I wanted to see if I could do something like this.  I probably won’t do this regularly at first, but if many people like the 90-second videos, then I may make them more often.  Until then, I’ll just make my 60-second videos on my social media sites.  I just don’t know how I’ll be able to use my 90-second videos at this time.  I will try to start using them more often this Spring.