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Good-bye, Bridgeville K-Mart

Yesterday was a somewhat bittersweet day for me.  Late yesterday afternoon, after being in Bridgeville for more than 42 years, K-Mart shut its doors in that town for the last time.  It had been in the Chartiers Valley Shopping Center, which is located in Collier Township, since August of 1975.  I have a lot of memories of me going to that store on a regular basis.  I visited that store for the last time back in February of this year.

I bought a lot of interesting items in that store … and I would sometimes eat my meals in the store’s restaurant as well.  I would usually go there with my relatives … and, sometimes, I would be there for long periods of time.  The store was fantastic … and I will miss shopping there on a regular basis.

Now, I don’t usually include web links in my blog posts, but since this is a rather unique moment for me, I will include one in this blog post.  I’d like to show you an ad for this K-Mart store, which is from August of 1975.  That was the first day that the K-Mart store operated in Bridgeville.

Here’s the link …
The K-Mart store in Bridgeville opened up their doors for the first time! (August 28, 1975)

I will remember this store for a long time … and I will miss it very much.  Good-bye, Bridgeville K-Mart.

Bridgeville K-Mart (August 28, 1975 – April 8, 2018)

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