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The two sides of Kurta

Today, in this blog post, I would like to talk about the two sides of my friend, Robert Kurta … and, believe me, I have seen both sides of him several times in the three years that we have been friends.  We are both Facebook friends and real-life friends as well.

I first became Facebook friends with him back in the Summer of 2015 … and, not long after that, he would start bumping into me regularly whenever I would take my walks around National Hill.  First, he would do that as a member of South Fayette’s police department … and then, after he retired from that police department, he would just bump into me as a regular friend.  He would also bump into me whenever I would go through Oakdale.

I don’t have any photos of me bumping into him here in South Fayette, but I do have two photos of myself bumping into him in Oakdale.  So, without further ado, let me show you “The two sides of Kurta.”

First, I bumped into Kurta whenever I was watching the parade in Oakdale back in the Summer of 2016.  I snapped this selfie near the Oakdale Inn, which is located in the heart of Oakdale.

I bumped into Robert Kurta while I was at Oakdale’s parade back on July 29, 2016.

Second, I bumped into Kurta whenever I was walking along the Panhandle Trail in Oakdale on Sunday morning.  He was wearing a police officer’s uniform whenever I snapped a selfie.  He presently works a few hours a week at Oakdale’s police department.

On May 27, 2018, while I was walking along The Panhandle Trail in Oakdale, I bumped into Robert Kurta, who currently works for Oakdale’s police department.

Thank you for allowing me to show you “the two sides of Kurta” in this blog post.

Now, two years ago, before I retired one of my blog’s features, which is called “Joseph’s Road To His 30th Birthday,” I did say that I was hoping that I would see Kurta wearing something other than an officer’s uniform.  Well, I did just that three months later.  Hopefully, that can happen again soon.

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My name's Joseph Pratt from Pittsburgh. The name of my blog is "Joseph Pratt's Interests And Some Other Things." In this blog, I will talk about the things that interest me the most ... and I will also talk about some exciting events that are going on in my life. I will try to blog once a day either four or five times a week. I hope you will like my blog as much as I do!

4 replies on “The two sides of Kurta”

What an awesome post Joseph! I remember officer Kurta and you did a nice job recognizing him in this post.


He worked for South Fayette’s police department for 33 years. I believe he started working for Oakdale’s police department not long after he left South Fayette’s police department.


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